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How It Works

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Why some companies make it, and others don’t… Let’s face it. Brand awareness is necessary, but it won’t build your customer list enough. Since more than 90% of consumers search online for products and services, you need to be visible above your competitors, or you’ll miss out on potential sales.

By using a personalized campaign to target potential customers, leads will be directed to your business, so they take notice!


By teaming with our experts at SalesBooster, we will take care of finding leads for your business so you can stop worrying about where your next customers are coming from. And you only pay if we get you leads—and we will! This is our rock-solid guarantee.


Remember, you only pay us if SalesBooster finds you leads. And we will, no question! We have a cost-effective approach to generate qualified leads for you for less than $70 per day, so this can fit even the tightest of budgets.

It’ll be like having a waterfall of leads…

Track Results

Through specific advertising strategies that are effective, modern, and shown to have an 83% conversion factor, you’ll be able to track campaign results, expand your customer list and increase sales.

Path To Profits

By campaigning leads, you’ll build trust, increase traffic, expand your customer list, and most importantly, boost sales!

How It Works

SalesBooster guarantees that all of their strategies follow the best practices for advertising standards.

Offer & Content Creation For Ads

We work with you to define your offer(s) & opportunities that you would like to advertise to your demographics.

Static Image Ad

Custom static image ads designed to make prospects take notice.

Video Ad (Animoto)

Reap the rewards of a video ad produced & edited using Animoto software. ($500 value alone)


One of the hottest strategies today. With an 83% conversion factor, you simply cannot lose!

Facebook Ad Account Set-Up

One Facebook ad account will be set-up for you along with pixel embedded on your website for remarketing.

Facebook Ad Set-Up

Includes set-up of one Facebook ad consisting of a static image ad and video linking to ChatBot and/or lead ad.

Google AdWords Set-up

One Google AdWords ad account will be set-up for you along with pixel embedded on your website for remarketing.

Performance Metrics & Analytics

Your dashboard and reporting schedule set-up for you. Arrange to receive reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

Booster Offer

Using a cost-effective approach, SalesBooster follows proven strategies to deliver online leads right to you.

  • We know our talented team will generate qualified leads for your business, so we stand by our word when we say, “We will generate leads for our clients or they don’t pay!”
  • Our work speaks for itself from clients who have collaborated with SalesBooster and have increased their sales, expanded their businesses, and exceeded their goals of monthly leads. Now, you can too.
  • Advertising and marketing can be extremely costly, and many small businesses simply don’t have the budget that large corporations do. That’s why at SalesBooster, we design our products to be cost-effective so our clients can work within their budgets while achieving real results.
  • Generating leads can take up much of your time if you were to go it alone or are inexperienced in marketing. It can be tempting to try, only to find you’ve scattered your marketing efforts which have shown no results, and your budget has gone out the window.
  • That’s why, for less than $70 per day, you can have leads finding your business. SalesBooster will take care of this, so you don’t have to. You can rest assured that potential customers are coming!
  • To see what SalesBooster is all about, we’d like to offer you a complimentary strategy call to alleviate any doubts you may have, answer your questions, and show you how your business can succeed. We’ll take a look at what you’re currently doing, what’s missing, and show you how we can help you increase your profits.

Case Study


We created image and video ad sets and split tested, created a sales funnel that captured consumer contact information, nurtured them through an automated email drip and achieved the goal of 200+ leads per month in the first month of launch. We have successfully hit a lead goal of over 250 leads for the past 2 years, the clubs have a sales conversion rate of 33-38% resulting in 80-100 new memberships sold each month consistently for 24+ months.

Sales conversion rate 33-38% + 80-100 new memberships sold each month =

Annual Impact of $+2,500,000

Scott’s Landscaping

Scott Herring realized the landscape trades was vastly growing and expanding in the marketplace, more and more companies were popping up all around him and the competition was starting to creep in on his clientele as he didn’t have a plan or strategy to get new customers online.

Over the past 12 months we have been able to secure and grow Scott’s Landscaping to be completely booked into Spring 2020,

they have secured Winter maintenance contracts that will put them in an expansion position for this 2019 Winter Season.

Scott’s Landscaping is looking forward to continued growth with SalesBooster and working on business expansion with Infinite Design House.

Taunya Zipse

Taunya Zipse is a Relationship Therapist, Coach and Speaker.

She was looking for a team to help her bring her years of content to life in the form of a series of courses and programs.

Infinite Design House created a beautiful custom themed website for Taunya on the Kajabi platform, also successfully launched 2 online courses and a membership program each having their own funnel (Landing Page, cart page and thank you page) which is fully integrated with an evergreen process where the customer can sign up and start the course immediately, all seamless on the Kajabi platform.

Taunya has gone on to present on stages and offer her courses and programs across the World.

Taunya now has a website, a course on emotions and 2 memberships on Parenting and Relationships.

Southern Ontario Dental College (SODC)

The Southern Ontario Dental College (SODC) is based in the small community of Ancaster, Ontario (a suburb of Hamilton) and runs two dental programs – one for hygienists and the other for dental assistants. It had struggled at times to fill all the spots and has had to cancel complete semesters due to low enrollment. The goal was to ensure all classes were filled and to eventually grow the school.

The first step was to redesign SODC’s outdated website, launch SEO and initiate a Social Media strategy to develop an online following. This alone generated close to 200 new leads within the first two months of the relaunch of the new website. Within the first two months of launching our Sales Booster we generated more than 140 new leads – far in excess of what the college had typically seen in the past. The college has since been given approval by the dental
colleges governing body to double its enrollment. It is booked solid for 2019 and now advertising for 2020.

The cost per lead, based on SODC’s ad spend, was $7.32.

*Annual Impact: +$2,400,000/year

*Based on full enrollment of 72 students

Who We Are

…and what’s in it for you?


The goal at SalesBooster is to generate leads so your business can grow. We have a proven track record of helping companies to succeed and expand by boosting sales and achieving a healthy profit. Some of our clients have seen their businesses double and even triple!

By teaming with our experts at SalesBooster, we will take care of finding leads for your business so you can stop worrying about where your next customers are coming from. And you only pay if we get you leads—and we will! This is our rock-solid guarantee.


Sales Booster is constantly monitoring and tweaking our digital advertising to get the most out of our marketing budget. Our challenge now, is keeping up with the leads.

Jamie Don, co-founder, One Health Clubs

Sales Booster is the most impressive lead generation program I’ve ever seen.

Gord Green, JAG Communications

Working with the team at Sales Booster, we’ve been able to drop the cost of our digital strategy to only 10% of NEW revenue generated. That’s the kind of return my accountant loves to see.

Steve da Costa, co-founder, One Health Clubs

Increasing sales through qualified leads and building our customer list for future sales – that’s what it’s all about and that’s what Sales Booster team brings to the table.

Robert Oswald, Get Ready Online

With Sales Booster, our challenge is keeping up with the leads.

Jamie Don, co-founder, One Health Clubs

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